Build Your Business Alone

Are You Trying To Build Your Business Alone?

I think one of the traps we as new entrepreneurs and business people fall into (and yes, this means you) is the idea that we need to learn everything about how to do our business and then do all the work.  I am here to tell you that this is doomed from the start.

I can also say that I have fallen victim to this myself, so I get it.  I have chased many rabbit holes much further than I should have.  I think I spent about a year and a half mastering wordrpess, from watching webinars to buying courses, I imagine you have done some of this yourself.  While I don’t think it was an utter waste of time (I am now pretty proficient with WordPress), it definitely wasn’t the best use of my time.

I also got caught in the buy another course trap I see so many of us fall into.  Just one more course will give me the piece of the puzzle I need to be a success.  Again, I think there are some great courses out there and I will continue to invest in my education.  Having said that, I wish I had invested in some more help earlier on in building my business.

I started like many of us seeing all the glamorous 7 figure businesses and thought “I need to be doing that.”  That is really not true, since upon deeper investigation the reason I decided to start my own business was to get more time freedom, help people, and earn a decent living.  I really have no desire to travel the country speaking at events, having super high end platinum mastermind groups or any of that.

I’m guessing that you may be able to relate.  Sure, it sounds good, but maybe you are like most of the health coaches I talk to who just want to be able to make a decent income doing what they love and helping people heal and thrive along the way.  The dollar amount attached to this really doesn’t matter, but for lots of us, the actual amount is not that large.

This is most certainly not to say that if your dream is to be on stage or become the next Oprah that you shouldn’t aim for that.  But if your goals and dreams are closer to the ground, maybe you don’t need to do everything the latest online rockstar tells you.

I don’t write much about this stuff because I never know how to say it without sounding like I am putting someone down.  I have very “successful” friends that run a bakery in an intentional community and I don’t think they even get a salary.  They are doing what they love, raising a beautiful family and all there needs are met.  I have another good friend that I am pretty sure will be on the stage at Omega within the year and that is definitely where she belongs, on the BIG stage.

So where do you belong?  If your goal is to become the next multi million dollar wellness rockstar than I highly suggest hooking up with someone who has already accomplished that and learning from them.  Doing any of this stuff on your own is not only difficult, it is not effective.

But if you are just looking to replace your $50K job income, maybe you don’t need to emulate these people.  Almost every major “guru” out there gives away tons of really great info.  Go ahead and absorb all that suits you, but don’t get overwhelmed feeling that you need to do everything they are telling you.

My other big suggestion is to start hiring some help as soon as you can afford it (or even a little before you can afford it).  All the technical stuff it takes to market a business online can be done by lots of people, and it doesn’t have to break the bank.  What other people can never do is be your voice, so focus on what you were meant to do, creating content and building an audience and find help with everything else.

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Nik Herold - May 30, 2013

Hi Geoff! GREAT article. I’m going through the same growing pains right now. I’m about to move and start a new training business all over again and I ask myself: Is this really the best thing I can do now that I have a daughter and family to support. Long hours, the pay is not outstanding, and if I take a vacation I’m not getting paid. Not so glamorous!

So here’s the million dollar question (no pun intended):

Besides creating a gym (which is capital intensive), how can a trainer at heart thrive in the fitness world, make over six figures a year and not get totally burned out or held hostage to a client base?



    Geoff Young - June 1, 2013

    Great question Nik. I don’t know a ton about the fitness and training niche, but figuring out a way to train lots of people at the same time is the way to go. That could probably look a lot of different ways, group classes, online training, DVD’s etc.

Sue Vanags - June 2, 2013

This is what it meant by speaking your truth. I have come to this field to satisfy that inner yearning. But all that planing and strategizing make me tired. If I am truly following my heart, this should come effortlessly. If I push forward regardless, then it is not authentic anymore. I agree that we need a great team to build our business. I also have this voice inside me saying that this all is a journey. There is never there, but the moment and now. So I think that learning some of that tech stuff does have much upsides. The key is to learn enough to be able to do the stuff you need to do in a pinch without putting it off only because it is the middle of night or after hours or weekends. I actually never consider working on my client business working. I always think it is ME time. So long story short, thank you for all your tips along the way with the how to’s. I admire how far you have gone with your business and your tribe. I am happy of the fact that I am in and I am doing it. Love and blessing, Sue

    Geoff Young - June 5, 2013

    Thanks for the kind words Sue. So glad to have you as part of my tribe.

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