7 Reasons Why People Say “No” to Your Health Coaching Programs

Do you find yourself talking to lots of people, but no one is signing up for your health coaching programs?  It’s especially frustrating when you know you have the perfect solution for someone and could help them achieve health, energy, and a better life.  But they still say, “No, thanks.”

The answer typically lies in your one-on-one conversation with them.  This is the conversation you have with someone when you’re trying to determine if they can benefit from your services.  Many health coaches unknowingly sabotaging their success during this conversation.

Here are 7 common reasons why people say no to your health coaching programs and what to do to avoid these mistakes.

Reason #1 – You have a vested emotional interest in whether or not they sign up.

There’s a saying in negotiations: “He who has the least to lose, wins.” and “He who has the most to lose, loses.”  This applies when you’re talking to prospects.

If you feel desperation – an emotionally vested interest – for them to sign up for your program, that desperation will come through in the tone of your voice, the words you choose, and your body language.  The person you’re talking to will pick up those signals, and the result is that they will often say no and make excuses.

It’s great to have a strong desire to want to work with someone.  And as health coaches, you love transforming people’s lives.  But understand that their decision of whether or not to sign up with you is their choice.  And only they can make that choice.

If someone doesn’t say “Yes,” it leaves an opening for someone else who is a better fit for you.  Trust that the transformation you are offering is valuable and that the right clients will come to you.

If you’re talking to a lot of prospects, but no one is signing up, this is an important mistake to correct.

Reason #2 – Not clearly conveying the value of what you are offering.

This is one of the most common mistakes health coaches make.  Before you ever tell someone the investment for working with you, you MUST convey the value of what you are offering – clearly and in words they immediately comprehend.

Do you help them…
• save time, money, or effort
• increase energy
• eliminate frustration or overwhelm
• lose weight
• reduce stress
• reduce or eliminate pain
• feel better than they have in years

Whatever the value is, whether monetary or not, clearly spell it out before you name a price.  This is especially important when you are improving their quality of life.

The better you convey the value, the fewer objections you’ll get about the investment amount.  For example, paint a picture of what their life will be like when they achieve their ideal weight and know how to easily keep it off.  Or ask them to imagine everything they can start doing once they get an abundance of energy that lasts all day long.

Reason #3 – Not asking for the business

This includes the timing for asking them to buy.  Many health coaches will clearly explain their program, but choke-up when actually asking for the business.  They don’t want to feel pushy. So instead, they ask the prospect, “So what do you think?”

Before you mention an investment amount, convey the value and get confirmation that they really are interested in what you are offering. Then name the investment amount, and ask, “So are you ready to move forward?”  At that point, you can either sign them up or handle their questions or objections.

Remember, if you don’t ask for the business, you aren’t likely to get it.

Reason #4 – Price is Too High

If you’ve clearly conveyed the value, this will rarely be an issue – unless they really don’t have the funds (or any way to get the funds) to work with you.  This is especially true with health coaching programs that help people reduce chronic symptoms that disrupts their lives.

Think about it.  How much is it worth for a program that shows them how to reverse diabetes or heart disease and live a full life again?

Obviously, you want to price your program well so you can charge what you’re worth and get it.  But in some instances, you may have to lower your price – at the beginning – to get your first few clients.

Such instances could happen when you are just starting as a health coach and don’t yet have a track record and testimonials to back-up your claims.  It can also happen when you start a new program with no track record or testimonials.

I recommend that you look at all the other reasons first, before lowing your price.  If you think the price may be the issue, try lowering it 20% and see what happens.  If you’re still hearing “No, thanks,” consistently – and you’ve eliminated all other 6 reasons in this article – then you may want to try lowering it again.

Reason #5 – Price is Too Low

Yes, it really is possible to kill sales by offering your programs at too low a price.  If you’ve ever hesitated to invest in a book, program or home-study course because you thought the price was too low for what they were promising to deliver, you understand this.

You’ll want to price your programs based on the value of what you are offering, not on a comparison to other low-cost products.  If your program will change their life, it’s worth a lot more than a $25 book from Amazon.  And if you’re giving them your individual time, it’s worth hundreds or thousands of dollars – at least.

Remember that your price is a reflection to others of the value that YOU place on your health program.  Let them know how valuable the program is by pricing it well.

Reason #6 – Not offering them exactly what they want.

Have you ever gone to the store to buy something, only they didn’t have what you wanted?  Did you buy something else instead, only to later return the item or regret your purchase?

One of the reasons potential clients may be saying no is because you aren’t offering them exactly what they want.  (Notice, I said what they “want,” not what they “need.”)

For instance, if your ideal client says they want “to get back their energy,” then be sure to tell them your program will show them how to “get an abundance of energy so they live their life again.”  Don’t tell them that your program helps them “balance their endocrine system and eat healthier meals.”  Don’t expect them to interpret your
description.  Instead, use the same words and phrases that they do.

This leads us to the biggest reason people say “No” to hiring you…

Reason #7 – Offering your program to someone who isn’t your ideal client.

Make this mistake, and it doesn’t matter if you make any others.  This one can sabotage your success all by itself.  Here’s how to avoid it…

When you’re having a conversation with someone, make certain they are an ideal client BEFORE you go through the time and effort of offering them your health coaching program.  Otherwise, you’ll likely end up wasting your time and theirs.  Remember, an irresistible program is designed for a specific ideal client.  It’s not a “one size fits all” solution, which is a myth anyway.

I recommend that you spend the first 5-10 minutes of your conversation with a potential client simply asking questions and listening carefully to see if they are an ideal client for you.  If they are, perfect!  You have exactly what they want and need.  Avoid the other 6 common mistakes, and you’ll most likely get a new client.  Otherwise, offer a recommendation or two, wish them the best, and send them on their way.


If you’re doing all you know to do and still struggle to get clients, the breakthrough you are looking for could be as easy as one of the reasons listed above.

I know because at one time or another, I made every single one of those mistakes – sometimes multiple ones at the same time!  Now I work with health coaches every week, helping them to avoid these same trouble areas.

Imagine what your coaching practice would be like if people got really excited about your programs.  They couldn’t wait to hear the investment amount because they were already “sold” on working with you.  Eliminate the 7 reasons above, and you, too, can have a coaching practice like this.

Go through these and choose one or two to start working on immediately.  I know you’ll see great results right away.  And if you need help, be sure to check out the additional, free resources on my site.  There, you’ll find some of my best-kept shortcuts and secrets, especially for coaches.

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