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7 Keys to an Irresistible Services Page

Is your website attracting ideal clients? Or do you struggle with what to write to promote
your health coaching services?

When it comes to coaching services and programs, there are 4 things you need to know
to write to a great webpage:
• what to write
• what to leave out
• how to describe programs
• how to get clients contacting you

The challenge is that there is so much information that you CAN put on a webpage.
How do you know what content is best? Sure, you can model someone else’s services
page, but you won’t really know if it will work for you – or even if it’s working for them.

Instead, use this article as a checklist, and you won’t have to guess. You’ll know exactly
what to write.

Here are the 7 keys I use to help coaches create a client attracting service page to promote their programs.

1. Page Name

Don’t try and get cute with the services page name, like “Rejuvinate” or “Get Health”.
Keep it short, and stick with words your ideal client will understand. You want your
services page to be easy to find on the navigation bar.

Here are my favorite titles for coaching services and program webpages:
• Services – my personal favorite
• Coaching
• Programs – especially good for home-study courses
• Work with [your name]

All of the above titles make it very clear that the reader will get information about
working with you and what you have to offer.

2. Stand Out

Before you start describing your programs, first tell them why you are different from
every other health coach out there. What makes you the perfect choice to help them
achieve better health?

You do this with your branding message. Describe the transformation they will get when
working with you. Focus on the valuable results (all-day energy, drop 2 dress sizes in
30 days, freedom from emotion eating) and avoid focusing on the features (health
assessments, lab work, two 50-minute sessions per month).

3. Your Services

Let them know how they can work with you. Do you offer private programs, group
programs, membership sites, workshops, or home study courses? Are they live, virtual
or both?

Tip: Don’t overload the page with too much information. If you offer a lot of different
programs or services, make your main services page a summary of all that you offer.

Here are a couple of options for doing this:
• Include a hyperlink to another page where they can get more details. This is especially
good to use when sending people to webpages with sales letters.
• Include a toggle feature that drops the text down like an accordion and shows new
information on the webpage. This is great when you want to show more information,
but you don’t want them to leave the services page.

4. Distinctive Programs

If you have more than one program listed on the page, you want them to easily stand
apart from one another. Make it crystal clear why someone would choose one package
over another.

For instance, you could have a 2 week detox program and a 6 month VIP coaching
program. Your descriptions for each would be very different. On the other hand, if you
had a 2 week detox program and a 4 week detox program, it might be difficult for
someone to know which one is the better choice. It would also be challenging to write
very different descriptions. There would be too much overlap.

5. Pricing

A lot of coaches want to know if they should put program prices on their website. The
answer is yes and no.

Here’s an easy way to decide…

Do NOT put prices on:
• High-end service packages and programs when you have a limited number of
• High-end programs that require a phone screening process before enrollment

DO put prices on:
• Home-study programs and courses that don’t include working personally with you.
These are typically delivered by mail, email, or downloaded to their computer.
• Programs that have no enrollment limit. For example, a teleseminar series where you
teach, but don’t work with anyone individually.
• Membership sites. You may even offer different levels of membership at different

6. Contact Information

Prospects visit your services page because they want to know how they can work with
you and what you have to offer. Don’t make them guess what they have to do next.

Include a prominent invitation to contact you along with any of the following:
• phone number
• email address
• web contact form

7. Credibility

Include additional information that builds your credibility. This can include testimonials,
client case studies, education, and certifications. Of these, my favorite is testimonials.
It lets people see what your clients are saying about working with you and the results
they get. A great testimonial or client case study is often better than certifications.


So there you are: 7 keys to creating a webpage that not only promotes your health
coaching services, it attracts clients and gets them contacting you for an appointment.

If you already have a website, use this as a checklist to see how you can improve your
current services page to get better results.

If you are in the process of building your website, use the above keys to easily create a
client attracting webpage – without the guesswork.

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Pamela Brown - October 27, 2013

This post was so very helpful. Thanks co much!

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