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5 Website Mistakes That Chase Health Coaching Clients Away

Health Coach BlogIs your coaching website attracting clients? If it isn’t, then it could be you’re making one
of these 5 common website mistakes that chase clients away.

You’ve no doubt invested a lot of time, money, and effort into your health coaching
website – even if you did most or all of the work yourself. And I know how disappointing
it can be when you end up with a beautiful new site and no clients.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way!

The following is by no means an exhaustive list of website mistakes. Instead, below
you will find some of the worst offenders at chasing potential clients away.

The the good news is that each one can be fixed – often without creating a new website.
In fact, some of these website mistakes can be corrected in just one day with just
a little bit of effort
, especially if you use WordPress for your website.

Here are the 5 common website mistakes health coaches make and what you can
do to fix them.

Website Mistake #1: No Transformation Offered

You want your entire site to send a crystal clear message about who you work with and
what results they can expect to get when they hire you. In other words, the
transformation you offer. This is especially true for the main page of your website.

You want your ideal client to immediately resonate with the content on your landing
page. And often, you will only have a few seconds to do it. If they don’t see what they
are looking for, they will leave.

For instance, does your site only state that you will “help them achieve their healthy
lifestyle goals”? Or does it say that you “show women how to lose those last, stubborn
10-20 pounds in just a few weeks – and keep it off for good”?

What to do instead:

First, get clear on your ideal client, niche, and transformation. Then consistently put
that information all over your site and in all your marketing.

Website Mistake #2: No Personal Connection

One of the fastest ways to chase clients away is to have a site that is too generic or
impersonal. It’s essential that your website offer the opportunity for prospective clients
to get to know, like, and trust you. This is so easy to do, I’m amazed that so many
health coaches don’t do it.

Remember that coaching is a one-on-one relationship. Your prospective clients typically
want to know more about you before they contact you about your services.

Here are a few ways to create personal connection on your site:
• Include personal content about YOU on your site
• Write your own web copy and articles, interact with readers in your blog comments
• Create a free offer that shows your expertise and the results that clients can get when
working with you.
• Include testimonials so prospects can read what other people say about you and
about the results they achieved.
• Include audios so people can hear your voice or videos that help people get to know

Website Mistake #3: No Recent Activity

Lack of recent activity anywhere on your site will chase away potential clients. It tells
them that the site is old and probably not even being maintained anymore. And by
recent, I mean in the last 6 months, at the very least.

Yet, when I was looking over coaching websites recently, I was amazed at how few of
them had recent posts, articles, or something to let me know they were still actively in

Today, there are a ton of sites online with content that hasn’t been updated in years, yet
they still get listed on page one in Google. But make no mistake; people aren’t dumb.
They’ve caught on that a coaching site without recent activity is likely a business that is

What to do instead:

The easiest way to do this is with a WordPress site that allows you to easily add articles
to your blog. If you aren’t adding regular content to your site, plan it on your calendar so
you can do so.

If you don’t have a blog on your site, offer a free subscription to your newsletter that you
publish at least once a month.

Website Mistake #4: No Pictures of Yourself

This is related to the “know, like, and trust” factor. People want a health coach they can
relate to and connect with. And mistake #2 above explains how to do that.

But lack of a picture – or lack of good pictures of yourself – is one of the fastest ways to
chase people from your site.

Without a good picture, your site will not look professional. And with no picture, people
won’t connect with you.

Where to add pictures of yourself:

• add an image of you in the header graphic
• put your image on your about page
• add your image within the content of your site
• have your image appear on graphics for your programs or offers (like the cover of a
report or newsletter)

Feel free to use more than one image, especially on your About Page. It helps readers
to see you as a real person.

Website Mistake #5: No Testimonials

It doesn’t matter how good your web copy or marketing is, many people simply won’t
hire you without references or testimonials. Lack of testimonials can chase potential
clients away.

And this is one area where weak testimonials can be as bad as no testimonials.

The most effective testimonials clearly identify who gets the best results when working
with you and what they achieved. They let others know you what makes you an
exceptional coach.

Here’s a strategy for getting great testimonials for your website:

• Ask ANYONE you’ve worked with (as a health coach) for a testimonial – even if you’re
just getting started and coached them for free.
• Ask for a testimonial even if they didn’t yet achieve their ultimate goal. If they have
worked with you and liked you, the testimonial can mention what results they achieved
so far: they lost 12 lbs., they doubled their energy, etc.
• Offer to write the testimonial for them and send it to them for their approval. This is a
key to getting great testimonials.Avoid testimonials that are too short, too vague, or ones that have no specific results

Here’s are examples of weak testimonials:

“Kelly rocks! I highly recommend her.”

“I’ve really enjoyed working with Kelly. She kept me get focused and gave me the
support I needed along to way to reach my goal of a healthy lifestyle. I’m feeling better
today than I have in a long while and look forward to continuing to work with her.”

Here’s an example of a great testimonial:

“I didn’t think it would be possible. After 10 years of low energy and dragging myself
through each day, I thought I’d never feel “normal” again. But in just 4 weeks of working
with Kelly, my energy tripled! I lost 10 pounds, dropped 2 dress sizes, and started
tennis lessons. My relationship with my kids is better than ever. And my husband and I
are planning a 2nd cruise honeymoon! It’s like my life has done a 180 turn-around. And
it’s all as a direct result of working with Kelly.”


If you haven’t yet created your health coaching website, you now know what to avoid
and what to do instead.

If you already have a website, look over your site and see if it includes any of the above
mistakes that could chase away clients.

A website that gets coaching clients will communicate clearly who you work with and the
transformation they are likely to get when working with you. And that gets clients calling
for your appointments.

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Patricia Kujawa - March 28, 2013

Really enjoyed reading this information about the mistakes of health coaching websites. Just re-establishing my business from a virtual secretarial support service to health/wellness and career coaching and was wondering why I have had a lot of visits, but hardly any contacts. Since my site is still in the young and new stage these corrections can be easily done. Thank you so much. These are things they do not teach you in college, yet put you out there to falter and learn. Some times it takes quite a while for one to find these things out, but appreciate learning this early in my new start-up. Again, I appreciate this information and look forward to attending your webinar. Pat K.

Reply - March 28, 2013

Thanks for that info about testimonials. I see the difference is in the being more specific with what was achieved rather than being very general and vague. That is a good ah-ha moment for me. Thank you!

Natali - March 31, 2013

I’m so glad I stumbled upon this site! Just don’t go to mine because it hasn’t been updated in over 6 months. I’m revamping and once my two year old is out of the house, all of your suggestions will be followed 🙂

Aaron Jarrels - March 11, 2020

Great article. I accidentally found this while looking for website tips and love the depth of your article. I especially appreciate the mistakes section of the post. It is easy to get caught up in the creation of the website and forget the clients that will be using it to decide if you are the right coach for them.

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