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The Only 5 Steps You Need To Add More Clients To Your Coaching Business

Remember back to when you were a kid and the Magic 8 Ball first came on your radar? I sure do! I was convinced it could answer all of life’s biggest questions for me.
If you had a Magic 8 Ball today that could answer your biggest online marketing question I’ll bet you would all be overjoyed.

When you get right down to it there would be only one question and only one answer.

The question: How do I get more clients?

The answer: Build an online marketing sales funnel!

Before you click away thinking this doesn’t apply to you and your business for one reason or another I’m asking that you hang in here with me because you couldn’t be more wrong.

Did you know that having a solid sales funnel in your business is the difference between struggling endlessly to get just one new client or making sales daily on autopilot to many clients, even when you’re not working?

Just to clarify, an Online Marketing Sales Funnel is the automated journey, or funnel, a new email subscriber goes through once registering on your email list. It is the customer journey that starts with your free offer and ends with your new lead becoming a paying client.

Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? Well, for 99% of the clients I work with, I find that they don’t have any type of sales funnel in place. And an even bigger problem is that they don’t even realize that they need one.

Understanding how to automate your sales funnel, so it’s working like magic behind the scenes in your business, is what guarantees your profits will increase substantially.

So let’s not wait any longer… let’s dive into the simple 5 steps to getting more clients that I promised you.

STEP #1: Use a problem solving free offer to continuously grow your email list. You need those new leads coming in consistently. Your goal should be 50-100 new leads each week.

STEP #2: Nurture those relationships through automated emails that establish you as an expert as well as lead your new prospect to a low priced program, product or service. Typically it’s at a price point of $47-$97.

This is a great way for your new client to get their feet wet and see what you have to offer at a nominal cost.

STEP #3: Once they have purchased a low priced product from you then you’ll lead them to a medium priced product, in the range of $297-$497. Again this can and should be done through an automated email sequence.

STEP #4: Next, lead them to your highest priced or VIP program. This level is usually priced at $497 and above.

Once they’ve purchased other programs from you and have worked with you in some fashion getting them to commit to a high-level coaching program becomes much easier.

STEP #5: This step is the overarching methodology to an income producing sales funnel or what I like to call the secret sauce.

As you build out your automated sales funnel, remember to keep your free offer and the other products you have in alignment with one another.

In simple terms, your free offer, low priced and medium priced products should all be an extension of your high priced or VIP product.

When you do it this way it makes the process so much easier because each step builds on the step before. No more recreating the wheel.

The alignment strategy I’m sharing with you today makes it easier for you to create new products and it also makes it easier to sell the next level of program in your funnel, because it’s the next logical step for your client to take with you.

Easy peasy, right?

Want to know more about how to get more clients with an automated online marketing sales funnel?

I would love to dive in deeper with you and show you how this process improves the amount of income EVERY BUSINESS can make…. especially your business.



Karen Pattock

Karen Pattock is an International Business Coach and Online Marketing Mentor that teaches health & fitnesspreneurs how to use social media and email marketing to attract new leads and turn them into paying clients using proven marketing strategies. She is creator of her signature program, STEP Into More Profits, as well as her TV video training platform KarenPattock.TV . You can connect with and find out more about Karen at

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