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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Niche for You

Are you struggling to choose your niche because you’re afraid of picking the wrong one? Maybe you picked one in the past, but after a few weeks, it didn’t feel like a good fit. Or perhaps you chose a niche then had trouble finding clients. If that’s you, you’re not alone. Most of the health coaches I work with want help either choosing the right niche or narrowing their niche.

In this article, I’ll share with you four tips I use to help my clients find just the right niche for them.

For those of you who aren’t sure why you should choose a niche, let’s do a brief review. Here are two great reasons:

1. A niche makes it easier for you to market your coaching services.

It’s hard to create a website (or other marketing material) that will be relevant to ten different people about ten different problems. It makes your marketing ineffective and much more difficult for you.  And if that’s been your marketing strategy, it’s probably why you’ve been struggling so hard to get clients.

2. A niche makes it easier to get clients.

You can’t attract your ideal client if you don’t know who they are. First, clearly define who you want to work with, what their biggest health problem is, and what they are desperate to have in their life, such as more energy, weight loss, better digestion, etc. Then you’ll be able to speak or write specifically to them about their challenges and greatest desires. That will grab their attention and get them interested in your services.

Now that you understand how having a niche will make it easier for you to build your health coaching practice, use these four tips to choose the right niche for you.

Tip # 1 – There Isn’t One “Perfect Niche” for You.

Realize that just as you grow and evolve as a person and a coach, your niche will grow and evolve over time. The niche you choose today may not be the niche you decide to work with in six months or six years from now.

Over time, it’s natural that you will develop new interests. Maybe today you’re focused on juicing and detoxing. In a few months, you may decide to incorporate functional diagnostic nutrition.

I see many coaches narrow their niche within the first two years of their practice. And some coaches even broaden their niche or switch to an entirely different one.

So when choosing the right niche for you, focus on what appeals to you right now. And know that your niche and ideal client will evolve just as you continue to grow and develop into an awesome coach.

Tip # 2 – Choose Your Passion

Choose your niche based on a topic you are passionate about, instead of chasing the most profitable or popular niches. For instance, weight loss for women is a great niche. But it may not be the right choice for you.

Your passion for your niche will come through in your marketing and you will find it easier to attract clients to you. Another benefit in working with a niche you love is that you’re less likely to get bored or frustrated with the clients you work with. You’ll be more patient and compassionate with them in their struggle to make lifestyle changes.

A great example of this is a client of mine who had a passion to help women fight cancer. That’s a big niche. As she considered who she most wanted to work with, she realized that she would soon feel burned-out working with patients who were in the middle of battling cancer. So she chose to specialize in helping women in remission remain cancer free. That’s what I call passion meeting life purpose.

Tip # 3 – Choose an Ideal Client You Will Love Working With

Who do you love to work with? Is it women, men, or children? Do you love working with entrepreneurs, or do you feel comfortable in the corporate environment? Do you relate better to women under 35, or men over 50, or children with autism?

Don’t make the mistake of chasing after “wealthy people.” Instead, think about the people you enjoy working with the most and what health problem they most want help with.

Tip # 4 – Narrow Your Niche

It’ll be easier to find and get clients if you narrow your niche. I know that sounds counter-intuitive. Many coaches believe that if they narrow their niche, there will be less potential clients around. Ergo, it will be harder to find clients. But just the opposite is true.

When you narrow your niche, it’s like turning a flashlight into a laser light. Instead of having a vague idea of who you want to work with, you’ll be crystal clear on who your ideal client is. That means they will be easier to find.

And because you are focused on solving a specific problem for a specific group of people, your marketing will be much more attractive.

Bonus Tip

Do you know you can book yourself solid, even in micro-niches?

When choosing a niche, don’t overlook micro-niches. Micro-niches are a smaller group within a niche. And you may find that no one else is really helping these groups. Some very profitable micro-niches that my clients have chosen include: people who want to lose over 150 lbs, women who want to stop skin picking, and thyroid diets for women.

If you have a passion to help a small group of people with a specific health issue, do a little research online and see if people are asking for help. Like me, you may be surprised at what you find.

What has been the most difficult aspect for you in choosing a niche? Let me know in the comments section below this post. Or ask a question below; I’d love to hear from you.

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Michel - August 12, 2016

Very helpful Geoff!!
I am a student at IIN with 1 month to go and I just narrowed down my niche market with a similar approach. I am doing some intensive research and working now on a program dedicated to this niche market but it is a daunting task!! I will probably need some help in this as I am new to this field. Can you suggest anybody that could coach me through that process?
Looking forward to speaking with you!

    Geoff Young - August 12, 2016

    Thanks for the comment, I sent you a private message. Why don’t we connect and I can give you some direction.

Joe - August 13, 2016

Thanks for the excellent tips! I especially find 2 and 3 most helpful. I am learning more each day of the importance of doing things we enjoy and have a passion for. Number 3 helps me to visualize. When I visualize the ideal individual I would like to help, it empowers me to believe I can be of help, and raises my vibration to open myself up for miracles in my own life.

    Karen Brunet - September 7, 2016

    You are very welcome, Joe. Tips #2 and #3 work really well together. Once you know what you are passionate about, it’s a lot easier to visualize who you love to work with. And visualization is so powerful and empowering. I agree.

    And I’ll give you a powerful bonus tip with that…

    The people who best meet the requirements of #2 (Choose Your Passion) and #3 (Choose people you love to work with) are most likely people who are currently in your life or area of influence. They are people you already know or are already connected to.

    They attend the same gym or dance studio. Their kids attend the same day care, play group, or school. They are in the same social groups you are. It’s the fastest and easiest way to get fabulous, high-end clients.

    So choose your niche and then look around you. You’ll may be surprised and how many of your friends and associates would love to hire you to help them achieve their dreams.

    Best Wishes,

    Karen Brunet
    Irresistible Marketing Coach

Debbie - August 17, 2016

I’m also a student at IIN. I would love to offer a cleanse or detox but am having a hard time developing a meal plan!

    Karen Brunet - September 7, 2016

    Debbie, I think I can help you with a little strategy. So many coaches get stuck in offering services and programs because of one or two pieces of their program that never seem to get done. I may write an article about that soon. But for now, ask yourself this…

    Do YOU have to be the one to develop the meal plan? Does it have to be original?

    Unless you are writing a book, need a copyright, or need to fulfill a school assignment, you probably don’t need to start from scratch. If developing a meal plan has you stuck, you can purchase a “done for you” meal plan that another health coach is selling. You’ll find several available online that are sold specifically to be used by other health coaches.

    You could also check Amazon or Google for existing meal plans. Find something that is similar to what you want to create and make changes to suite your particular needs. That way you don’t have to “reinvent the wheel.” Make it your own so you don’t infringe on someone’s copyright.

    Let me know if that helps you in moving forward in your health coaching business. And thank you for reading and commenting on my article.

    Best wishes!

    Karen Brunet
    Irresistible Marketing Coach

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