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4 Steps to Creating Your First Coaching Package

Before people can buy from you, they have to know what you’re selling. And having seen so many of you struggle to create the perfect, amazing, everyone-will-rush-to-my-door coaching package…well, it’s time to give you the love & support you need to get out there and rock it.

Here are four easy steps to creating your first coaching package:

#1 – If you confuse people you lose people.

The world is full of people who need your help. From weight loss to special dietary needs, what you do is extremely valuable. However, your target market doesn’t think in fancy nutritional terms.

Make sure your offer is simple to understand with an extremely tangible result. What problem will you solve for clients: Are you struggling to lose weight? Do you suffer from chronic migraines? Want to make your gluten-free diet a no-brainer?

Lay out your process in a direct way:

1. Click the payment button below to be directed to PayPal.

2. After payment is received, you’ll receive a kick-off email from us.

3. Schedule your first appointment with me. Yes! It’s 1:1 for 30 minutes.

#2 – Don’t overthink what you offer. Be specific.

The hardest part is taking the first step. You simply won’t know what resonates with the audience you serve until you start making offers – so you have to just get started somewhere.

Health coaches who are successfully booking clients are only doing ONE thing that you’re not; they are putting themselves out there. They are saying I will give you X in exchange for Y, pricing their services & promoting what they offer.

You can use any combination of:

· 1:1 Consulting via phone, Skype, etc.

· Mastermind or group offerings

· Written content (ebooks, blogs, etc.)

· Custom 1:1 email answers, etc.

· Visual offers (templates, checklists, etc.)

· Video training or tutorials

#3 – Price yourself for your current market.

The higher your price point, the longer it may take you to book your ideal clients. Your tribe needs to get to know you. This is done using free offers (webinars, blogs, short videos, etc.) and introductory sessions (smaller packages, etc.)

Consider who is currently part of your audience when you price your product. The goal is to make a few feel good confidence-building sales to get you started. After that your list will begin to build until, one day, the sky is the limit. Think about:

· A fully automated low-cost offer ($47 to $97)

· Offering occasional “sales” – $97 for one hour

· Higher pricing & limiting who you work with

#4 – Give yourself time to master the sales pitch.

Do you know what my coach told me after my first launch landed short of my goals? Get back up. She said it with love. And she told me how proud she was of my 77 webinar guests, 104 Facebook likes, and more than 137 new list subscribers, but she still said it.

The truth is, it takes time. Selling yourself is the hardest work you’ll ever do. You need to regularly pitch your services so that people know your store is open for business. This includes:

· Guest posting for blogs

· Being a podcast / webinar guest

· Mastering sending emails

· Growing a list to sell to

· Enhancing your social media

After You Create Your First Coaching Package

Once you have a package, you’ll need to:

· Add a sales page to your website

· Consistently tell people your offer

· Create opportunities to sell your work

Not to overwhelm you, but this is where the work begins. Creating your business is only the first step. Promotions and marketing are the necessary evil that will help you earn a living from what you do…and we’ll save that blog for another day.

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