4 Steps to Attracting Clients During the Holidays


The holiday season is one of the BEST times to pick up new health coaching clients. In this article, learn the 4 steps to attracting them and get examples of irresistible niches and programs for this time of the year. You won’t even need a website to use this system!

Why is it a perfect time of the year to offer programs?

If you’re putting your marketing on hold until after the holidays, you’re missing a great opportunity to pick up new clients. Why? Because people have needs at this time of the year that they may not have in any other season. Let’s look at a few…

Hot Niche Topics for Holiday-time Programs:


This is one of the BIGGEST challenges people have around the holiday season, and they often use this as an excuse to not enroll in programs. You’ll hear objections like “I have too much to do” or “I don’t have time for anything until after New Year’s.”

But this gives you the perfect opportunity to offer them something they really want and need. What can you offer to help people either eliminate or greatly reduce their stress over the holiday season? If you offer health coaching and/or life coaching services, this is a perfect niche area for you over the holidays.

Losing Weight

Another huge challenge for people over the holiday season is weight gain. There’s all those delicious desserts, parties with lots of high-caloric foods, and let’s not forget the eggnog and other drinks with alcohol.

The result is that many people put on a few extra pounds. Now for some, an extra 5 pounds is no big deal. But for many, their pants are already tight. An extra 5 or more pounds means that come January, they won’t be able to fit most of the clothes in their closet. And they know that a mountain will have to move before they’ll be able to lose that weight.

So why wait until the new year to offer them a way to lose weight. Offer it to them now! Put together a program to help them get through the holiday season, enjoy a few desserts, and still be 5-10 pounds LIGHTER come January 1st.

Wouldn’t that be an amazing Christmas gift for them to give themselves?

Personal Planning and Self Care

We all know about New Year resolutions, and it’s a perfect time for health coaches to pick up new clients with a fresh committment to lose weight and get in shape. But why wait until January? Put a program together now. Offer it during the holiday season and start it in December or early January.

Here are a few program ideas:

  • Getting fit and/or increasing energy. For people who want to finally get in shape and feel good. They tried to do it on their own last year, and it didn’t work. They are ready for your help and support.
  • Personal planning and self care for the coming year. For those people who feel like they spent the last year helping everyone else but did nothing for themselves. They’re ready to stop playing small and put themselves first.

Preparing for the New School Year

Do you offer a service that helps people do better in school? Perhaps you help them eliminate depression, increase their focus and cognitive abilities, or improve their energy levels. All these things have a significant impact on a student’s performance.

For example, one of my clients can reverse dyslexia in 1 week. It’s holistic, non-invasive, and her patients get permanent results. She works with children and adults.

Now imagine if your child’s been struggling for years with the pain and frustration that accompanies dyslexia, and you had the opportunity to have that reversed in just one week – over the school holidays. When your child starts school in January, learning will be a whole new exciting world for them. Would you be interested? Or would you say, “It’s the holdiays. I’m too busy.”

That’s the kind of irresistible program you want to offer people during the holiday season.


What kind of programs can you offer?

You can offer long term programs of three to six months or short term programs like a VIP Day or teleseminar series. Likewise, your investment amounts can be as little as under $100 for a teleseminar series to several thousand for a long term program.

It’s not the investment amount that matters, but the information or results that your program can give them. The more valuable the result is for them, the more your program is worth.

4 Steps to Attracting Clients During the Holidays

Now that you have a few ideas, how do you go about putting it all together and getting coaching clients? Here are 4 simple steps:

  1. Picture your ideal client in your mind. Ask yourself what is their biggest challenge during this season that you can help them with. Write down your ideas.
  2. Choose a topic that will be easy and fun to put together. If it’s too time consuming or overwhelming, you won’t have time to get it done. So go with something do-able.
  3. Create an outline or plan for the program. What will you include? How often will you meet? What will you charge? Rather than starting from scratch, you may be able to offer an existing program in a unique way (or with a twist) and thereby save yourself time in the process.                                                                                                                                                                                                                Also consider what you feel comfortable with. You might have time to offer a short term program but not a long term one. Or you may prefer private coaching over group coaching.
  4. Offer the program. You can offer the program several ways…
  • Email the offer to your list
  • Mail an announcement to friends and family
  • Promote a free teleseminar to your list or someone else’s and then offer the program to the listeners
  • Give a free workshop for a joint venture partner or at a local business. Offer the paid program to attendees at the workshop.
  • Give a free public workshop at a library or hotel meeting room. Offer the paid program to attendees at the workshop.
  • Set up a free Meet-Up meeting and invite people to a free discussion on a hot topic. Offer the paid program during the discussion.
  • Make an announcement on your Facebook, Twitter, or other social media page. Invite people to email you for information or visit a webpage.
  • Contact former clients – or people you talked to that didn’t hire you at the time – and offer it to them.

These are just a few ways you can offer your program. There are many more. I hope these ideas get your thinking cap on and working.


Don’t let the busy-ness of the holiday season stop you from getting health coaching clients. There are people who desperately need your help, especially at this time of the year. And they may not even be aware that you can help them.

That’s where marketing comes in. Create irresistible programs that offer them exactly what they want, and then tell them about it. Your ideal client will be naturally attracted to what you have to offer and will be grateful for the opportunity to work with you.

It’s holiday time. Ready. Set. Go Get Clients!

For more tips, strategies, and articles on how to get more clients and create irresistible offers, programs and websites, visit http://www.KarenBrunet.com. From Karen Brunet, online marketing consultant, where “It’s not just a website…It’s the Mother Lode!”

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Penelope Smith - February 7, 2019

This is some really good information about life coaches. I liked that you pointed out that it might be good for a life coach to create an outline for their program. Personally, I would want to know how the life coach was going to go about helping me get healthier and do better overall.

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