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3-Steps To Get Clients, Cash Flow & Confidence

I remember the meeting like it was yesterday… My boss at the women’s gym I was working at called me into her office for a chat. I had just taken over the nutrition department from someone. I had big shoes to fill.

I literally had no idea what I was doing.

My previous attempt at being a nutritionist in the chiropractor clinic failed miserably.

Although my boss was a friend, I knew that she had a sales quota to meet. I wasn’t pulling my weight in the sales dept. I had no idea how to sell.

Sure, I was getting consults but out of the maybe 10 consults I had that week I sold one person on a 2–session package for a whopping $120 ($60/hour which was the personal training rate back then).

My per hour take home pay was $11

– 1 hour for the free consult $0

– 2 hours of face-to-face client time for the paid session package $72 (my take was 60% of the revenue of the package)

– 3.5 hours to create her program

I remember feeling so happy to have made that sale. I believed it was a fluke. Like I somehow got lucky that day.

Do you feel like you are constantly getting by and getting lucky when prospects invest in your services?

Maybe you don’t even know where to find clients?

My boss/friend offered to do some sales training with me so that I could learn how to structure my free consults around whatever package I wanted to sell.

I can vividly recall that meeting where I confessed that the whole sales thing felt wrong to me. I didn’t want to make anyone feel badly, pressure them or trick them into working with me. I didn’t want to work with anyone if they weren’t truly ready to make changes.

I took her up on her offer because I wanted (needed) to keep my job.

She told me to read Zig Ziglar’s book The Secrets Of Closing The Sale. Looking back I’m so grateful that she took me aside and called me out. I needed the help and mentoring.

We put together a client attraction and sales strategy. I followed these steps for 6 months. Then my schedule was full and my at-home (unpaid) work time started to pile up (another story for another time).

The plan below is also the client getting strategy I provided for one of my coaching clients Melanie. She believed her bottleneck was sales. When she thought about it after our call she realized that she actually enjoys the sales part… her bottleneck was not having enough prospects to sell to (not enough leads).

How to Get Clients, Cash Flow & Confidence Strategy

This strategy works if you are a nutritionist, health coach, Naturopathic Doctor, registered massage therapist, personal trainer, or nurse with any type of program you are offering:

1. Craft a sincere, personal and inviting letter/email.

– Let your friends and family know that you have something they might be interested in or something their own friends and family might be interested in.

– Describe the pain points (problem) your program addresses (the pain points of your ideal client avatar).

– Offer a gift in the form of a specific number of complimentary “pick my brain” or assessment sessions.

– Describe who would be a right fit to work with you – go back to the pain points.

– Give a CTA (call to action) letting the reader know who to book the session with you and the deadline to schedule it by.

2. Schedule 1- 2 Seminars Per Month For 6 Months Straight.

– Pick 2-3 topics that you know are of interest to your ideal client avatar.

– Create compelling “signature” seminars revealing only 2-3 actionable strategies that attendees can use to get results.

– Invite the attendees to dive deeper into getting results with you and invite them to a “pick my brain” or assessment consult with you

– Limit the number of appointments you have

– Schedule them right there onsite

3. Structure Your Initial Intake Assessment Around Your Offer.

Welcome and rapport building

– Fact finding and info gathering using intake forms

– Physical assessment

– Food journal check

– Summary relating back to pain points and reason for attending the consult

– Explain program using the A or B close the deal method

– Take payment and give initial program handouts

There is NO reason why you should be struggling to build your business alone.

Confidence comes from learning and practicing. Your professional expertise and ability to help people transform lives has nothing to do with your ability (or inability right now) to get prospects and convert them into clients.

You already have the knowledge and skill-set to transform lives. Now it’s time to implement a structured system that is in alignment with your business philosophy.

Lori Kennedy

Lori Kennedy RHN is the founder and CEO of WOW! Weight Loss Inc., an international whole foods based weight loss company. Lori's passions are whole foods, fat loss and anything to do with marketing and helping other health practitioners add some business to their passion. Visit for free business building resources.

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