3 Easy Steps To Increase Your Sales


In the previous post on your coaching marketing funnel, I gave you an overview of the overall sales funnel process.  In today’s article I want to dive more deeply into the technical aspects of setting up a sales funnel.  This isn’t a once and done process, you will eventually want multiple sales funnel’s for different products and programs that you offer.  For the sake of simplicity, I will focus on a simple sales funnel for 1 product or service.

1.  The Opt-In

There are several ways to get people to opt-in for your list.  The most effective is to give away an irresistible free offer in exchange for your potential clients name and email address.

Squeeze Page

The best technique is to have a dedicated page on either your website and/or your Facebook fan page whose sole purpose is to collect a name and email for your irresistible free offer.  The reason this works better than a simple website opt-in form is that there is nothing else to distract people on the page.  You tell them what you will be giving them and ask for their email address.

Opt-In Form

This is what most people do, they simply have a form on their website that asks for a name and email.  While this is an important and useful piece of the puzzle, the conversion rate is usually fairly low.  Whatever you do, don’t just put up a form that says “subscribe to my newsletter”.


Many people have a negative connotation when it comes to web pop-up forms.  While I agree that random pop-ups are annoying at best and most likely damaging, a well designed pop-up can do wonders for your conversion rate.  If you are using wordpress for your website, Popup Domination is my favorite plugin for doing this.

2.  Free Content

One of the least effective strategies is to send people directly to some sort of sales page.  This is why a squeeze page is so effective.  Some of my favorite and most effective forms of free content are webinars, tele-seminars or a free report combined with a multi-part video training series.

This gives your potential clients an opportunity to learn more about you and grow to know, like and trust you.  Live events are probably the best for a couple of reasons.  Your clients will feel more connected to you if they know they have you live on a webinar or tele-seminar.  If you decide to do a webinar you can do it live and then record it and use the recording to deliver y  our free content.

3.  Ask For The Sale

This is an area where I know a lot of holistic practitioners struggle.  You have tons of knowledge and are motivated to help people, but when it comes to asking for the sale you may hesitate like many of us do.  This is the great part about giving away some great training first.  Basically, you can just say “If you enjoyed the free training we just had, then you are going to love this new program of mine.”

Whether you are doing this on a webinar, tele-seminar, video training series or even just a free report this is when you want to send people to the sales page.  Sales page structure is a whole art form that much has been written about.  If you follow lots of internet marketing folks, they try to boil it down to a science that will convince the most people to buy the product period.  I imagine your goal is more to get clients that would benefit from your program or service, not just the sale, so be careful going overboard with all the sneaks sales page tricks.  Here is a link to a simple sales page structure that is a good outline.

4.  Conclusion

This really isn’t rocket science, but you do need to give some thought to your marketing funnel and what you will be doing after you go to all the trouble of finding leads and  getting traffic to your website and Facebook page.  I have found that one of the best list building strategies is to do some sort of live event promoting a new product or service.  When you are first starting out, even if you don’t get many people to actually “buy” your service, you can use this system to build your list.  Over time, this gets easier and easier as you will already have a list in place that you can offer your services to.

If you are ready to get your sales funnel setup or think it needs an upgrade, contact me and I will let you know how I can assist you.

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